Weekender Project: Welcome Stepping Stone

Did you know that the pineapple is a universal sign for hospitality? Who needs a welcome mat? Greet your guests with a welcome stepping stone!

Find the instructions and pattern for this stained glass stepping stone here and be sure to stop by our Creative Corner for more fun summer projects. Looking for supplies in your area? Take a look at our store locator to find a store that sells Diamond Tech products in your area.


Your Favorite Stepping Stone Tips and Projects

Whether you are creating one from scratch or mosaicing over an old one, summer is the perfect time for creating stepping stones, so what better time to bring you all of your favorite posts than now! It was a tough call to rank them because all of these posts were really neck in neck and even a newbie squeezed in! Click on the title link to read the full post and drop us a comment with your favorite!

  1. 3 Easy Tips for Adding A Pop to Your Stepping Stone – give me color, fun and a lot of razzle dazzle! This post will show you how to make your stone stand out you are creating a stone from scratch or decorating an old one – go ahead – push your stepping stone into the spotlight!
  2. Sunflower Mosaic Stepping Stone – This pattern was so well liked it actually tied with our first place post – I have a feeling that it’s because it’s a stepping stone that really pops!
  3. How To Make A Mosaic Stepping Stone – One of our newest posts, a good old how-to guide for making a stepping stone from start to finish including some awesome pointers!
  4. Forget Me Knot Stepping Stone – Show your garden some love with a heart-shaped stepping stone
  5. Springtime Stepping Stone – Tweet, tweet! Welcome the birds with a birdie stepping stone.

Find lots of tips and projects for fun summer crafts over at our Creative Corner and if you are looking for some awesome stepping supplies in your area, check out our store locator.

Weekender Project: Fun Summer Stepping Stone

If you liked our post earlier this week about creating stepping stones with the kids, you are going to love this project! Help your little one create a souvenir from their fun summer. This stepping stone is perfect for kids because the deco ceramic tile used is pre-cut and has rounded edges so those little fingers are safe from cuts.

In the instructions and pattern we use the direct method for the stone, but if you prefer making stepping stones using the indirect method, you can follow the instructions posted here.

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Creating Stepping Stones with the Kids

Stepping stones make great projects for kids to create over the long summer months; they are super easy and are a great way to create or commemorate a wonderful summer memory!

Using the indirect method to create a stepping stone is a breeze because you don’t need to worry about gluing tiles and grouting after the stone sets and its even easier when you use mosaic tiles like venetian glass, classico, charmers, deco ceramic, gems and wiggles because they are  pre-cut so you don’t need to nip them and they don’t have sharp edges so they are perfect for little fingers. 

 Use wiggles and gems for a whimsical look, deco ceramic and charmers to add shapes like butterflies, hearts and flowers and classico and venetian glass for tons of color – use them all together to make a one of a kind design or check out our creative corner for some great projects!

All it takes is three easy steps to create a unique mosaic stepping stone using just a few materials; mosaic tile, stone cement a mold and contact paper.

  1. Create a mosaic on contact paper and place it glass side up into the mold.
  2. Mix the stone cement and fill the mold 7/8 of the way up
  3. Let the stone set overnight and pop it out of the mold – don’t forget to let the stone cure for 28 days before setting it outdoors!

Check out our post from a few weeks ago to find some great stepping stone tips and an expanded how to guide and be sure to find us on Facebook for more great summer projects!

Weekender Project: Flower Basket Stepping Stone

Do you ever find yourself rushing through your gardening, weeding and pruning without so much stopping to take a look around and admire your handy work? Just stop and smell the flowers!  With a stepping stone like this, you may never forget.

Create this simple stepping stone in just a few quick steps! Make the flowers by scoring sheets of stained glass or nip stained glass chips, then nip random-sized rectangles for the basket.

For this project you will need:

  • Jennifer’s Mosaics Outdoor Cement
  • 8″ Square Stepping Stone Mold
  • 1 Sheet of Grass Green/Cream Stained Glass
  • 1 Sheet of Red/Orange/Cream Stained Glass
  • 1 Sheet of Yellow Stained Glass
  • 1 Sheet of Honey Wisp Stained Glass
  • 1 Steel Wheel Glass Cutter or oil-fed glass cutter and 1″ Running Pliers or Jennifer’ Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nippers
  • Petroleum Jelly to release the mold and contact paper

For complete stepping stone instructions check out this blog post and for mosaic nipping tips, read this one. To find all of these supplies in a store near you, visit our store locator. Looking for more summer project inspiration? Take a look around our Creative Corner for more fun summer projects and find us on Facebook for great tips and project ideas!

Great Homemade Gifts for Dad

T-Minus 4 days until Father’s Day, if you have yet to buy something for dear old dad this year, why not make him something! Give Dad the gift of handmade this year – after all, nothing says “I Love You”  like creating something from the heart! Most of these projects only take a few short hours, so you can be done in a flash and if you are anything like me, this is much less time than it takes to pick out a gift!

We’ve got tons of creative gift ideas for dad in our Creative Corner, but here is a peek at our top 3 ideas for a handmade gift for dad. Check out these 6 projects

  1. Show Dad he deserves a break this year! Use the G2 Bottle Cutter to create a Cool Brew Glass from a beer bottle or create this totally unique  upcycled chalice – doesn’t every dad deserve his own chalice fit for a king– I totally think so!


  1. Stepping Stones may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a gift for dad, but think about it, a stepping stone is a foundation or a guide to help you find your way or keep you on the right path  – just like Dad! Thats why this Eagle Stepping Stone or Antiquity Mosaics Stepping Stone would make a perfect gift for Dad this year.

                    Mosaic stepping stone

  1. Get a little custom and make dad a personalized mosaic – does he like to sail or does he rule the roost  – try your hand at a Sailboat or Rooster mosaic or use the techniques in these projects to make a completely custom mosaic for him.


Find all the supplied you need for these projects in a craft store near you and find us on Facebook for more fun tips and projects! What are you making for Dad this Father’s Day? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Weekender Project: Tropical Fish Stepping Stone

Something’s fishy around here! It must be this totally cute tropical fish stepping stone. Add a nautical flare to your garden with an underwater vibe!

Make the fish by scoring sheets of stained glass or nip stained glass chips to fill in the area and use glass gems as bubbles or eyes for a whimsical look! Use stained glass chips for the background and border but remember to create the main motif first and fill in the surrounding area.

For complete stepping stone instructions check out this blog post and for mosaic nipping tips, read this one. Take a look around our Creative Corner for more fun summer projects and find us on Facebook for great tips and project ideas!