Mosaics in Sculpture Park

Back in January we made a donation of mosaic tiles to Tyler Tate, a Boy Scout from Troop 1 in Roseville, CA. Tyler is working towards his Eagle Scout rank and last fall he decided to embark on a major a great community project with Roseville Arts to revitalize Sculpture Park.                                                   From 1993 to 2003 … Continue reading Mosaics in Sculpture Park

Weekender Project: Pompeii Mosaic Trivet

Marble is becoming ever more present in kitchens these days; add a little to yours with a simple marble trivet. What a lovely craft to create over this Memorial Day Weekend. All you need is Antiquity Mosaics marble tiles, a base and adhesive - no nipping or grouting involved! The Greco-Roman pattern makes this trivet perfect … Continue reading Weekender Project: Pompeii Mosaic Trivet

Weekender Project: Antiquity Mosaics Marble Stepping Stone

Gardens were meant to be green, make yours a little greener with a green marble stepping stone! Marble is tough and durable even in gardens with heavy foot traffic and this classic stone will look great in any garden. Use Antiquity Mosaic Marble Tiles to mosaic over a precast stepping stone or create your own with … Continue reading Weekender Project: Antiquity Mosaics Marble Stepping Stone