Little Tips for Lampworking with Tools

We all know that lampworking isn’t for everyone, but if you dare play with fire make sure you follow these tips for using tools.



  1. Okay this first one is obvious, but always always always use bead release on your mandrels – if you aren’t new to lampworking, this one is super obvious, but for you newbies – glass sticks to metal and the only way to get it off is to shock it in cold water – not always safe and a little wasteful 😦 ,so never try to do any glass lampwork without it!
  2. When your bead is cooled and complete you can soak your mandrels in water and use a green scrubby to clean the excess bead release.
  3. Proper bead making technique is to heat glass in the flame while working in direct heat with the tools. If a tool is used to hold hot glass make sure it is not placed directly in the flame.
  4. Again, hot metal tools will stick to glass. If you are using a tool to hold glass, you want the metal warm, but not hot. It’s okay to warm a metal tool by quickly placing it near the flame.
  5. However, if you are using a metal tool to poke, scrape or rake the glass, the tools should be as cool as possible. If it becomes too hot, switch it with a backup tool or immerse the metal tool in water to cool it down.
  6. Keep a back up or two of your most used tools, it helps much more than you will know – trust me there is nothing worse than ruing a bead because you let your tool get too hot!
  7. Read my post on quick and simple tips to keep your sanity while lampworking – the first two tips are the most relatable – be patient and use one color of glass or tool at a time until you start to understand how each color should look and what each tool can do – don’t confuse yourself by trying to use all of your tools on the first bead

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Weekender Project: La Vie En Rose My Tile Necklace

Happy Black Friday… well sort of, while everyone is waking up early to hit the mall, I’m sleeping in because I am crafting my gifts this Christmas! Who doesn’t love making gifts for the holidays? This My Tile Project makes the perfect necklace or pin for family and friends old and new! What’s even better? It only takes about an hour to make these from start to finish. This project is perfect for getting multiple gifts accomplished at once. So what are you waiting for, the Holidays are right around the corner, let’s get crafting! The instructions can be found here and tons of other projects that are perfect for gifts can be found at the Diamond Tech Creative Corner.

Fusing Decals with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

Have you ever seen a glass pendant or pin with a pretty flower or butterfly image on it? Achieving this effect with Fuseworks Decals is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow the quick and easy steps below to fuse decals to your fused glass pieces. Check out the line of decals here. To learn more about the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln check out this post and for a few helpful fusing tips be sure to read this post about fusing.

  1. Prep – Cut out the desired shape, soak in water for 30 seconds and slide the decal on to a prefused piece of glass – make sure the glass is completely dry before you fuse
  2. Fire – Place the glass on a 2×2 piece of kiln paper in the center of your Fuseworks Microwave Kiln base and using the guide below – fire the glass – if your decal isn’t fused yet you will see the color and shape of your decal if it is fully fused – if not you will see a white silhouette– fire at 15 second intervals at 100% power until your glass is fully fused


    1200 100% 2 minutes

    1100 100% 2½ minutes

    800 100% 4 minutes

  3. Cool – Let your glass cool for at least 30 minutes inside the Microwave Kiln but don’t peek or

This video will give you a good idea as to how its done.

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Weekender Project: Turkey Football Stained Glass Panel

Need a great décor idea for Thanksgiving next week? Nothing says Thanksgiving like a fun festive turkey! And who doesn’t love a stained glass project? Assemble this fun Turkey Football Project for your home or give it to a Thanksgiving Dinner host or hostess! If you need some stained glass pointers, check out our stained glass for beginner series. Click here for the instructions for this fun stained glass piece and to find more great stained glass projects head on over to the Diamond Tech Creative Corner and to find Diamond Tech stained glass supplies in a retailer near you, use our store locator.

Festive Thanksgiving Glass Decor Inspiration

Whew, Thanksgiving is only a week away, boy time sure does fly when you are crafting all the time! If you have been slacking on décor (like me) take a gander at these dining table enhancers and Thanksgiving Décor Inspirations and get crafting! All of these projects (and many more) can be found in the Diamond Tech Creative Corner. Click on the images to find the instructions for each project.

Mosaic over an old vase and bring life to the table!

Add some glass gems to some old bottles for festive candle holders!

KraftyBloks make great holiday decor pieces!

One of my favorites! Serve up some fruit and cheese in these upcycled glass domes!

This fused glass bottle stopper makes a great hostess gift and its great to make for your own bottles too!

Such a cute way to add a glow to your tablescape!

I know, another candle holder project… I just love the warm glow of candles in fall!

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