How To Make A Mosaic Stepping Stone

Creating a stepping stone with Jennifer’s Mosaics Outdoor Cement is quick and easy; follow the simple steps below to get great, long-lasting results.

There are two ways to create a stepping stone; using the direct method and the indirect method. In the indirect method, you will place mosaic pieces at the bottom of the mold and pour cement over it while the direct method you mosaic right on top of the stone.

With either method you use, it’s a good idea to use a piece of contact paper to secure your mosaic design to, this way you can create your mosaic before its time to pour the cement.

STEP 1: Prepare your mold by lightly coating it with petroleum jelly or cooking spray, this will keep the cement from sticking to the mold

STEP 2: Mix the appropriate amount of cement mix and water, use the guide on the side of the box or the one below for help

If you would like to use colorant in your stone – now is the time to add it

  • For all over color, add the colorant to your water while mixing
  • For a marbled look, mix the cement, take a portion out and mix colorant into it, carefully stir the smaller portion in to create swirls.

Stepping Stone Tip A good mix should resemble cake batter – if your mix is too dry, add 2 ounces of water at a time until  your mix is smooth and pourable consistency.

Don’t use too much water!!! If you add too much water your mix will be runny  – you will experience water rising to the back of the stone while setting – crumbling will occur when removing the stone from the mold and your stone may break after curing.

8″ Round 5 Cups 12 fl. oz.
8″ Square 7 Cups 18 fl. oz.
9″ Butterfly 9 Cups 22 fl. oz.
9″ Heart 7 Cups 18 fl. oz.
12″ Round 12 Cups 28 fl. oz.
12″ Square 16 Cups 40 fl. oz.
12″ Hexagon 12 Cups 28 fl. oz.
14″ Round 16 Cups 40 fl. oz.
16″ Square 27 Cups 68 fl. oz.
16″ Hexagon 24 Cups 60 fl. oz.

STEP 3: If you are using the indirect method, place your mosaic, glass side up, into the stone mold and pour the cement mix over it until the mold is about 7/8 full. If you are using the direct method just pour the cement in until it is 7/8 full. That’s it! No reinforcement needed!

Stepping Stone Tip – To prevent air bubbles, lightly tap the sides of the mold for 1-2 minutes – but don’t move the mold!

STEP 4: After 24 hours, remove the stone from the mold. If you are using the direct mosaic method this is the time to add your tiles, apply an adhesive to the stone and place your tiles on top – after 24 hours of dry time grout and clean your mosaic. If you have chosen the indirect method and tiny air pockets are seen, mix a small amount of water and cement mix into a paste and gently fill in the holes.

STEP 5: Allow the stepping stone to cure for 28 days in controlled environment before placing outdoors or in an area that is not weather-proof.

Stepping stone tip – place the stone on two pencils to lift it off the ground and increase airflow for better curing!

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