Sprinkle Some Sparkle into Every Season with Bevels!


Crafting with Studio Pro Bevels is the perfect way to add a little something extra to your next glass project!

Whether you are a seasoned stained glass artist or a glass crafting beginner there is a project that is perfect for you!

And just because bevels are traditionally used in stained glass projects that doesn’t mean you need stained glass supplies to craft with them.SteampunkEarringsNecklace-WEB Sun catchers reflect light and add glimmer to the whole room, they make perfect décor for spring and summer.

Bevel-Orn-Image-WEBSchnazz up your wardrobe year round with a bevel necklace and earrings or you can fashion a pin or pendant.

Deck the halls with beautiful bevels. Ornaments are perfect for the holidays, just decoupage images or wrapping paper on a bevel, finish with foil and glue on a bail to add a sparkly touch to your tree.


Bevel votive holders make great accent pieces all year round, create one using a kit, like the Studio Pro Dainty Candle Shelter Kit or the Studio Pro Candle Shelter Kit, or if you lack serious soldering skills try your hand at the one featured in the Fall issue of Crafts ‘n Things.


In addition to the bevels and mirror, all you need to make this project is glass glue, etching cream, contact paper and foil – no soldering required!

And best of all, we have teamed up with Crafts ‘n Things to give away the foil, bevels and mirror needed for this project!
So grab your soldering iron or glass glue and get started today!

Check out  Crafts ‘n Things website to enter to win one of five of these excellent prizes and head over to our Creative Corner for some great stained glass instructions and swing by our Dealer Locator to find Studio Pro Bevels in a store near you!

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